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PAT Testing Services for Business

PAT Testing is a electrical business equipment inspection to ensure they are safe to use by employees.

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PAT Testing for Landlords

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is the checking of the safety of portable (as opposed to fixed) electrical appliances in your property.

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What Is PAT Testing

When we get asked ‘what is a PAT test?’ we always take the time to understand exactly what our customer really wants to know about PAT testing.

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PAT Testing Procedures

Most working environments need a regular PAT test for at least their highest risk electrical items

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PAT Testing - The Law

This is a safety test of the electrical circuits and systems that distribute power around a building.

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The benefits of PAT Testing

PAT testing is important, despite what some people seem to think; PAT testing finds faults in electrical appliances

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PAT Testing:

The PAT Testing firm is specialists, fully qualified to the UK industry standard, insured& can take care of your entire business portable appliance testing whether you required 1 appliance testing or unlimited, we can provide cost effective PAT Testing service in UK.

What Is Pat Testing?

PAT is known as portable appliance testing or inspection, the term is used to describe the examination of the electrical appliances to ensure that are the safe to use or not. PAT testing involves a visual inspection of the product, verification of the earthing continuity and the test of the soundness of insulation between the current carrying parts and any metal that may be dangerous to touch. The limit of the passing or failing of the components depends upon the equipment’s that is being tested.

Pat Testing For Landlords:

We also provide the best pat testing service for the landlords, we provide cost effective pat testing services to the individuals that are in need. We do the best PAT testing for the landlords to make sure that all the electrical items are working perfectly, we even help the individuals with the retail business, commercials and industrials as well. We offer quick and efficient services when it comes to the pat testing for landlords. We have skilled and capable individuals who are trained to give the best outputs while working, what makes us outstanding is that we don’t charge any hidden charges for the PAT testing.

 PAT Testing Procedures:

 The PAT testing procedure requires that all the employers should maintain portable appliances and assure the safety as well, the PAT testing procedure includes testing of the appliances to safeguard against the damage and to make the specific items that can cause harm work properly. The procedure of the PAT includes that all the landlords, employers and even the individuals who are self-employed make sure their portable appliances are safe and suitable to use for the purposes that they are intended for.

The appliances should be working and maintained in a good order. We do the PAT testing for the individuals as best as possible. If you are thinking that what is pat testing and who can do it best, then that’s only us.

To all the individuals looking for the best, we are here to help them with the aim to provide you with cost effective and excellent quality services, we comply with health and safety regulations. The goal is to promote a safe working environment for the individuals, for electrical safety compliance. We do the best portable appliance testing for the customers to check the working of the electrical equipment’s.

Law Of PAT Testing:

The law of PAT testing is that; it requires that employers maintain their “electrical systems” at work to prevent any danger or harm to anyone. This is a legal requirement and for this we are the best company for you because we work as per the rules and regulations to give you the best. It is legal duty of everyone to take care of both the employer and the employee to ensure the safety of all the individuals using the work premises, this includes the self-employed as well. We do PAT testing according to the laws and the needs of the individuals.

The Benefits Of PAT Testing:

It’s a truth that everyone must maintain the standards of the electrical equipment’s to make sure that no accidents happen. When we do the PAT test for your home or even commercials, we make sure to reduce the risks of electrical accidents including the electrocutions and fires which can be caused by the electrical appliances. We do regular and excellent PAT test for the customers, when the test is done by experts then they assure that there are no chances of accidents occurring. Another best benefit of PAT is that you can discover the fault which your electrical appliances have, if there is any issue that can cause you harm, our experts can easily identify that, so choose us for your PAT test only.

If you would like to speak to our customer service support member about PAT testing service for your business, you can contact our friendly team on 01442-939006 or email on info@thepattesting.co.uk